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Torx Screwdriver Size Chart

Six-LobeA (mm)B (mm)R1 (mm)R2 (mm)C (mm)

Screwdriver head type classification

The use of screws is naturally inseparable from screwdrivers, and there are actually many types of screwdrivers. understanding with them will help us to live and work better.

According to different head types, screwdrivers can be divided into slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv, star, square, hexagon, Y head, etc. Among them, the slotted and Phillips are the most commonly used in our lives, and they are often used for furniture screws. . It is used for installation and maintenance. It can be said that a screwdriver is used as long as there are screws. Hexagonal heads are not used much. Hexagonal wrenches are commonly used. For example, many screws on some machines are equipped with hexagonal holes, which is convenient for multi-angle force. There are not many large star-shaped ones. Small star-shaped ones are often used to dismantle and repair mobile phones, hard drives, notebooks, etc. We call small screwdrivers a clock and watch bits, commonly used star-shaped T6, T8, cross PH0, PH00, etc.

SLOTTED:  1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0

PHILLIPS: PH000PH00PH0PH1PH2PH3, the smaller the one in the front


TORX:  Commonly used specifications T3T4T5T6T7T8T9T10T15T20T25T27T30T40T45T50


HEXGONAL:  H1.5, H2.0, H2.5, H3.0, H4, etc.

M-shaped (U-shaped, fork-shaped): M2.6 (the most common U-shaped screwdriver)

Y shape: Y2.0, Y3.0


★shape: 1, 2

The bit of a high-quality screwdriver is not made of cold-headed steel for screws but is made of spring steel with relatively high hardness. A good screwdriver should be hard and not brittle. When the opening of the screw head becomes bald and slippery, you can hit the screwdriver with a hammer to make the screw groove deeper to facilitate the removal of the screw. The screwdriver should be undamaged; screwdrivers are often used. To pry things, you must have a certain degree of toughness and not bend or bend. In general, it is hoped that the hardness of the screwdriver head is greater than HRC60, and it is not easy to rust


Mainly refers to steel whose carbon mass fraction is less than 2.11% and does not contain specially added alloying elements. Sometimes called plain carbon steel or carbon steel. The higher the carbon content, the higher the strength and the lower the plasticity (toughness). 45# carbon steel belongs to a kind of high-quality carbon steel (with low phosphorus and sulfur content), which is widely used in general tool materials.


Chromium vanadium steel is an alloy tool steel with chromium (Cr) and vanadium (V) alloy elements added. Its comprehensive strength and toughness are better than carbon steel, and it is suitable as an ideal material for high-quality tools. Such as wrenches, sockets, screwdrivers, etc.


It is an alloy of chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo), iron (Fe), and carbon (C). It has excellent impact resistance, excellent strength, and toughness, and overall performance is better than chrome vanadium steel. Suitable for making screwdrivers, etc.


It is an alloy of carbon (C), silicon (Si), manganese (Mn), chromium (Cr), molybdenum (Mo), and vanadium (V). Excellent impact-resistant tool steel with excellent strength and toughness, high-end tool steel, overall performance is better than chromium-molybdenum steel. For example, screwdriver, Allen wrench, etc.