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What Are the Types of Bolts?

What Are the Types of Bolts

Hexagon Head Bolts

EN3008 – 1998 Aerospace Series Bolts, Hexagon Head, Relieved Shank, long Thread, In Heat Resisting Nickel Base Alloy NI-P100HT (Inconel 718)-Classification: 1275 MPa (At Ambient Temperature)/650°C

DIN601 M5 to M52 hexagon head bolts—Product grade C


UNI 5737 Hexagon Cap Screw, Partially Threaded Shank, ISO Metric Coarse Thread Pitch – Product Grade A

DIN931 Hexagon head bolts grades A and B partially threaded (Equivalent standards: ISO4014-1999, ISO4014-2011)

ANSI/ASME B 18.6.7M Metric hexagon head screws

EN24015 Hexagon Head Bolts-Product Grade B-Reduced Shank (Shank Diameter ≈ Pitch Diameter)

BS 3692 Metric Precision Hexagon Bolts

BS 4190 Iso Metric Hexagon Head Bolts – Faced Under Head Or Faced Under Head And Turned On Shank

AS 1559 ISO Metric Hot-dip Galvanized Hexagon Bolts For Tower Construction

ASME B 18.2.1 Heavy Hex Screws

BS 1981 Plain Hexagon Head Screws

Hexagon Bolts with Flange 

Round Head Bolts

Countersunk Head Bolts

Square Head Bolts

Eye Bolts

T-head Bolts

U Bolt

Foundation Bolts

Wheel Bolt/12-Point Screws

Steel Hexalobular Head Bolts With Flange